Privacy Policy

Rektgames.se, the website, its online services, the subsidiaries and parent companies of Vici Capital AB (“Vici Capital”, “Rekt Games”, “we”, “our”, “us”), along with the online services such as FIGHTWORLD (“Playfightworld.com”, “Fightworld”, “Fightworld.se”), understands, respects and values the privacy that is important to you, our visitors and users. This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) does its best to explain how we get, use, share and protect the personal information collected from you on any of our website(s) and/or by using any our services and/or game(s), platforms, software services and other services related(the “Service”, “Video Game”, hereinafter called “Game”). We provide you this information so that you can better understand how and why we use, and do not use the information we’ve gathered from you and other visitors and users, and give you better control of your personal information. Please note that by consuming, accessing, playing or in any other way using the Game, you agree to this Privacy Policy as well as the End User License Agreement (“EULA”).

If you in any way, with regards to the Privacy Policy, or the EULA, do not agree, please uninstall the Game and do not play the Game.

Due to the company being registered and active at Skomaskinsgatan 2, 702 27, Örebro, Sweden (under the official name of “Vici Capital AB”), this Privacy Policy is inclined towards, and intends to follow Swedish and European laws. For Swedish visitors, this Privacy Policy is in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act, known as “Personuppgiftslagen” (“PUL”).



This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, protect, store, use, and share your Personal Data. It applies to any and all services run by Rekt Games, including but not limited to the Websites (“Rektgames.se”, “Playfightworld.com”), as well as the Game, and all related software, including other websites, applications, services or tools where we refer to this Privacy Policy. This applies regardless of how you choose to interact with any of our services, as long as the service refers to this document.

The personal data collected is used to give you access to our services, including but not limited to the website(s) and the Game(s), its services and tools. We process the Personal Data in order to provide you with a more personalized and improved experience, as well as for advertising purposes.

By accepting this Privacy Policy, you consent to our collection, protection, storing, use, share, disclosure and retention of the Personal Data as described in this Privacy Policy and the End User License Agreement.



    • Applicable Data Protection Legislation
      • This Privacy Policy is In accordance with the Applicable Data Protection Legislation, by the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) 2016/679. We manage your Personal Data which is implemented under this law, but is not limited to it.
    • Personal Data
      • This Privacy Policy uses the term “Personal Data” as a definition of any information which directly or indirectly could identify a natural person. A natural person and “Personal Data” is defined the same way as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679. Any data which as been made anonymous or aggregated, we do not perceive as Personal Data.
    • Controller
      • Your controller is Rekt Games, which means that we’re responsible for the processing and use of your Personal Data and following the principles described under this Privacy Policy.


Information collection & usage

By playing the Game or using our website(s), you agree to share your Personal Data. We collect your information through a range of forms, including but not limited to the Game. We may collect your information in a variety of ways, including but not limited through the Game or the website(s).

    • Information collection and use from the Game

In order to access and play the Game, Rekt Games uses different platforms such as, but not limited to, Steam, Playstation Store, Switch Store, Xbox Store, App Store, Google Play Store (“Platform”, “Platforms”, “Service Providers”). In order to access certain, any, or all features/functions in the game, you are required to register or hold an account with the Platform in which you want to use. With this, you are required to provide Personal Data such as, but not limited to your name, date of birth, email address etc. in order to access and/or play the Game. The Platform collects financial information based on their terms and conditions, and we use the financial information solely for processing the payments, and giving you any and all items, functions or services in which you may have paid, and/or may pay for. Furthermore, the Platform may use certain information in order to provide you with a more tailored and unique experience, and may use your information for advertising purposes.

With the Personal Data collected, we use it in certain ways, including but not limited to giving you access to certain features, services, functions and/or products in which you are granted access. An example of this is certain premium game cosmetics which must be purchased in order to access. Furthermore, this Personal Data can and may be used in order to give you a more personalized experience and suggestions for future purposes such as advertising.

Rekt Games can and may collect and/or use other types of information when you access/play the Game and/or use the Website and/or its related services. This can be, but is not limited to your operating system, your IP address, your Platform ID such as Steam ID, the browser you are using and any device you use. This information may be collected with any interaction you have with the Game or the Website.

Within the Game, we may collect certain information such as, but not limited to which parties/groups you play in, the customized options which you choose, the profile in which you set up, the settings you’ve chosen, the location in which you engage in matchmaking procedures, the messages you send and receive, and any/or all information you send. This information may, but is not limited to, be used in processes related to bugs, glitches, cheating or harassment, in order for Rekt Games to provide the Game ecosystem with a hassle free experience.

The Game uses certain third party software, partners such as Gamesparks (“Gamesparks”) in order to collect, manage, and securely protect the Personal Data which you share using the Platform. We may use this Personal Data for the purposes of managing the transactions and/or purchases in which you have made using the Platform related to the Game and/or any Rekt Games service(s). The list of the other third party providers is further below in this document.

    • Information collection and use from email

When you give us access to your email, we use a service called Mailchimp, which stores the Personal Data you share with us. We can and may use your mail for internal advertising purposes within Rekt Games and/or the services in which you register for and/or show interest toward.

    • Information collection and use from any other sources

Rekt Games may integrate with, and/or collect information about you from other services, including but not limited to third party websites and/or platforms, social media platforms, blogs, messaging services, newspapers. We may collect, manage and use this data in order to give you a more tailored experience that suits your interests, and/or for advertising purposes related to Rekt Games.


Use of Personal Data

We want to make your experience with our services as smooth and personalized as possible. Therefore, by accepting this Privacy Policy, you agree that we are permitted to use your Personal Data to do the following, including but not limited things:

  • Provide you access to the Game, the Website and/or any related services.
  • To facilitate our services.
  • To assist us in analyzing how our services are used.
  • Personalize the experiences of the Game and/or the Website and any related services.
  • Use your Personal Data in order to improve the experience of our services.
  • Store any, and all information regarding your progress, including, but not limited to your in-game level, or your chosen customized outfit(s).
  • Use your Personal Data for marketing purposes, trying to reach an audience like you.
  • Prevent cheating, security breaches, packet sniffing, illegal activities and/or any unlawful activity.
  • Help resolving illegal activities as governed by law.
  • For suppöort, troubleshooting and/or administrative reasons, where we may need to get in contact with each other.
  • For bug fixing purposes, improving any of our services.
  • Provide you with the latest information about any of our services, and/or changes to any legal documents such as the EULA or this Privacy Policy.
  • Help out with troubleshooting, service errors or updates which may be required for you to use any and/or all our services.
  • Offer you to participate in any and all surveys in order to improve our service(s).
  • To enforce and verify that you abide by this Privacy Policy and/or the EULA.
  • Verify the accuracy of your information with regards to third parties.
  • Communicate important information regarding your progress with our services, including purchases, warranties and changes in which we believe you need/should have.


Personal data storage

Rekt Games, as the Data Controller of your Personal Data, we have rules and regulations with regards to your privacy and the safety of your personally identifiable information. We only store your personal information as long as necessary for the purposes of the Game, the Website and/or any other related service and purposes which requires your personal data, unless required in order to exercise or defend a legal claim, and/or to comply with applicable law, which includes accounting rules. This also means we will not store personal data longer than necessary. We also ensure that the employees or third party members of Rekt Games that have access to the personal data, also comply with this Agreement. Furthermore, any data that is stored and held by Rekt Games as the Data Controller, we will implement reasonable defenses, such as procedures and protocols, against unauthorized access to, and/or unlawful manipulation and/or deletion of that data. If we discover that the data has been breached, we will notify you by either the Website or the Game. You consent to letting Rekt Games use, store and transfer that information on any server located in Sweden or anywhere else in the world. If any personal data has no further purpose, it will be anonymized or deleted within three (3) years.


Children’s privacy & protection

None of our services address anyone under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect or solicit personal information from anyone under the age of 13. If you are under 13, please do not attempt to register for any of the services and/or send any personal information about yourself to us. If you believe that we have personal information regarding a child under 13, and/or if you are the parent or legal representative of anyone under 13 and believe that your child has provided personal information to us, please contact us immediately so we can remove all their personal information. If it comes to our knowledge that we, unknowingly have stored information regarding anyone under 13, we will delete that information as soon as possible.


Refusing to provide personally identifiable information

If you choose to refuse submitting personally identifiable information when we request it, you may be able to access all functionality of the Game and/or the Website and/or its services. This is due to us not being able to fully personalize the service based on your information such as, but not limited to, personal preferences and interests.


Cookies and other means

Cookies are files that are saved on your computer so that websites that you’ve visited in some form, is able to save your chosen preferences, where you’ve gone and/or what you’ve done on their website. Rekt Games also uses cookies to, for instance, count the amount of visitors we have on our Websites, and for advertising purposes. Furthermore, we may combine the information on your cookies with your Personal Data, in order to further customize your experience with our services.

We also use other means to collect information, such as logs, web beacons and other data collection technologies to improve your experience on our services. We use these collection technologies to analyze the traffic data, the amount of times you access our services, your IP, your ISP, and related information to it.


Information we share with third parties

There are some cases where we may share your personal information with third parties, in accordance with GDPR under article 6, below is a list of the different instances in which we may share your personal information with.

    • Company structural changes.
      • In the event that the company Vici Capital, under which Rekt Games works, is changed, altered or merged with another legal entity such as another company, your personal information will also be merged with the other party in which Vici Capital alters its company structure toward. This means that all your personal information may be transferred, including your financial processing information, if Rekt Games financial processing changes.
    • Freelancers/third party contractors/consultants etc.
      • In some cases, we may hire third parties to do specific work for us, including but not limited to analytical or marketing purposes. In such cases, we will only provide with the specific information that is required in order for the third party to be able to do the specific work, and none else personal information.
    • Social Media Platforms
      • In some cases we use your aggregated personal information with social media, in order to reach an audience like yours, or including but not limited to specific offers in which requires you to connect your social media account with the Game account. In these cases, the services need to use your personal information from both ends to verify that you receive what you want, eg. promotional offers or alike, and in these cases we’ll share your information with the other party involved.
    • Legal authorities
      • If it comes to our knowledge that we are requested or required by law to share information to legal authorities or courts, and/or in the purpose of defending the rights of Rekt Games, we may share your personal information.
    • Other end users
      • When for instance playing the Game, some personal information may be shared with other end users, such as your gamertag in relation to other peoples gamertags, or your Steam ID, if you’re playing on the Steam platform. Also, the information in which you transmit is also shared with other end users, including but not limited to the things you type in the in-game chat.

In order to access the full experience of the Game and/or the Website, there may be links to other third party services. These sites have their own Privacy Policies and we, Rekt Games are not responsible for those. In order to be able to play our game, for instance, you need to use the Steam (“Steam”) client, and create an account with them, and they will be holding onto your Personal Data and be your controller regarding that specific information in which you share with them.



We strive for making sure that your personally identifiable data is secure and protected, however, as with any other system, we can leave no guarantees. With this said, we implement appropriate technical and organisational methods with a reasonable risk level with regards to our capacity. Methods are, including but not limited to, pseudonymisation and encryption of data, and working with third party services that are experienced with handling specific types of data and its’ management and protection. If you suspect that your personal information is not secure, or have information regarding either misuse or unlawful entries to our Game, website and/or services, please contact us immediately at info@rektgames.se.


Links to other websites and services

We use multiple third parties including but not limited to the parties below. Depending on what you do in our Game and/or our Website, or any of our services, you may interact with different third parties. Below, are the ones currently related to the Game.

When playing on a PC device, you must create an account with Steam, which is a game distribution platform that enables you to for instance play the game, update the game and manage your profile. By creating an account within their ecosystem, you must agree to their Privacy Policy, which is linked below:


For the Game, we use a service called Gamesparks (“Gamesparks”) which holds onto the backend part of the Game, such as databases and such management. In order to play the Game and store your information, you must agree to their Privacy Policy. Their policy can be read under their website, and with the link below:



International Data Transfers

Except for the policies set forth in this Privacy Policy, or unless authorized by you, we will not share your personal data. However, there may be cases where we may share your Personal Data with third parties outside of the European Union, which are not ruled and/or regulated by GDPR, or even any protection laws for that matter. If your information is shared to any third party outside of the European Union, we will only do so using one of the safeguards set forth below if the transfer is:

    • To a legal entity based in the United States, that complies with the US-EU Privacy Shield framework.
    • To a legal entity which Rekt Games has a contract which is approved by any EU authority that can warrant other entities to follow EU data protection regulations.
    • To a country deemed adequate by the any EU authority, such as the EU Commission.

If we move your Personal Data to any third party vendor outside the EU, the European Commission has set forth safeguards in order to protect your data, and we intend to follow these regulations.


Your Choices and Controls

In accordance with GDPR and, if you are residing within the European Union and/or are protected under the GDPR, you have the following rights related to your Personal Data:

    • Right to access

You have the right to access your Personal Data from the Controller regarding if and how your data is being processed. This includes both when we your personal data is processed, and if you request the data. If you reside in EEA and are protected under GDPR, you will be provided with one copy of your processed Personal Data for free. If you make the request by electronic form (eg. by mail), we will send you the information electronically. If you request more copies, we hold the right to charge a fee based on the administrative costs of the transfer. Also, you have the right to request what information has been provided to whom.

    • Right to rectify

You have the right to request rectification, that is, adjust, the personal data that we process. For instance, if we hold information that you deem as inaccurate, insufficient, missing or relevant. If you request that data shall be rectified, we will tell you which parties may be informed regarding the rectification, however this is limited under GDPR so as to not be excessive in its’ objective, or impossible to perform in some cases.

    • Right of correction and erasure

Under article 17 of GDPR, you have the right to contact the controller of your Personal Data and request that the data is erased under some cases. EU claims this as “the right to be forgotten”. You have these rights under the following circumstances:

      • If the personal data isn’t necessary to the purposes for which they were collected or processed.
      • If you withdraw your consent to the processing, or if the data depends on your consent.
      • If you object to the processing of your data, and there are no legitimate grounds for its’ processing.
      • If the processed personal data has been unlawfully processed.
      • If the personal data processed conflicts under legal circumstances, by either a conflict of Union or Member State law that the processed data does not conflict with.
      • If the personal data is related to a child and/or minor without consent from a legal representative, such as a parent.

Please note that if the personal data has been received from a public third party (such as social networks like Facebook), it is not certain that the information is erased there. In such cases, you may need to request erasure from the sources instead.

    • Right to limitation of processing

Under some circumstances, we are legally obliged to hold that information, including but not limited to defenses of legal claims. This information will be deemed as “limited”, and will be flagged so that it may only be used in possible future limited purposes. If we have processed limited data with regards to you, and the limitation is removed, we will inform you of this.

    • Right to portability

You have the right to port your data from us as the processor, to another controller without any hindrance. In such cases, you will receive your personal data in a machine-readable format.

    • The right to object

You have the right to object to the processing of your data under the circumstances that the processing is based on legitimate interests, as described under article 6.1f of GDPR, unless we have legitimate reasons for why the data needs to be processed to establish, exercise or defend legal claims.

Also, you may object to your personal data being used for marketing purposes, such as direct marketing. However, if you choose to enforce this right, it will result in the immediate termination of your license to the Game and its related services, and you will no longer be able to play the Game.


Billing management

The Game has some features, functions and/or other services that require you as a player to pay in order to access and/or play them. This payment will be processed by third party platforms such as Steam for PC (platform is based on the device you use to play the Game), and you may need to give them personal data that may be sensitive, such as your full name, your credit card number, email address etc. When the payment has been processed, and we can verify that the payment is processed with regards to your profile, you will be able to access the feature, function or service which you have paid for. We do not sell this information or give it to any other third party other than the third parties required in order to process and manage the billing service(s). Purchases in our Game can only be made by a legal entity over the age of 18, or older than 13 with the consent of a legal representative such as a parent.


Limited liability

To the fullest extent provided by law, under no circumstances and in no event will Rekt Games, its’ affiliates, licensors, employees, officers, directors, owners be liable for any damage of any kind, under any legal theory with regards to your use, or inability to use the game, the website or any and all services provided by Rekt Games, including any form of damages such as direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special, injuries, emotional pain, or any kinds of losses including but not limited to revenue losses, data loss, breach of contracts or otherwise forms of liabilities. Any and all services provided by Rekt Games is “as is”, and any and all damages that may directly or indirectly occurs is on you, and your device. If you reside in a country where any section of this limited liability is not allowed, then the rest of this document still applies, and if there are sentences or limitations which are allowed, those do apply.



Our objective is to resolve any and all disputes as quick as possible, and as fair as possible. We wish to do no harm and receive no harm. If you have any form of complaint with regards to our Privacy Policy and/or your personal data, you agree to contact us first and try to resolve the issue between you and Rekt Games. You agree to send us your claim, along with the purpose and your name, address, email or phone number, your account name and a full, thorough description of your claim, why and how it emerged.

If you wish to make a claim, the claim must be made within 1 (one) year of when the event occured. The event refers to the purpose of the claim. Any claims made after one year, that claim will not be processed.

You agree that any claim you make, is as an individual. You agree to waiver any class member, or plaintiff, or grouped proceedings. Any and all claims you make, include you and you only.

If the dispute is not resolved within 60 days of Rekt Games receiving the claim, you agree to resolve any and all claims in a Swedish court, under Swedish law, in the court of Tingsrätten in Örebro Region, Örebro Län, in Sweden.


Changes to our privacy policy

This privacy policy applies to any Game, website and/or service provided by Rekt Games. We reserve any and all rights to make any and all changes to this Privacy Policy. If we make any changes, you will be notified on any of our communication output services, such as either in the game or the website, or into your email inbox. We encourage you to check the date when we last updated the privacy policy frequently, to see if there has been any changes made.

Last updated: 2019-08-20.



If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints, comments or want to contact us for any reason regarding the Privacy Policy the End User License Agreement or for any reason for that matter, please contact Rekt Games using the details below:

Vici Capital AB, C/O Rekt Games

Skomaskinsgatan 2

702 27, Örebro


Email: info@rektgames.se.