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a Fightworld is a free-to-play online party brawler game. Control your clone, pick your skill-stick weapon and participate in different wacky gamemodes to become the ultimate Fightworld champion!

We’re super excited about this! Our primary revenue model will come from the customization options. Players will be able to purchase custom outfits and weapon skins which they can reflect their personalities with. Also, we’re planning on an auction system to enable people with limited time to be able to play the gamemodes they want.

Never. Absolutely not! Rekt Games as a development company holds very firmly to never allowing a player to gain an advantage simply by paying. Any and all future Rekt Games will always be free to win.

We believe in transparency, so… We don’t exactly know yet.

We just know that it’s going to be somewhere in 2019 and we’re working as hard as humanly possible to get it out during the first/second quarter of 2019.

As of today, we’re currently 3½ developers.

One lead programmer & code maniac.

One lead artist, ensuring a uniform design experience.

One is a crazy fast modeller, we still don’t understand how he works so fast.

The ½ is the CEO focusing on other aspects of the company, and pitching in half time on level design.

Using a gamepad/controller, control any weapon using the right thumbstick using different types of movements. Instead of pushing a button to attack, you must manually control the weapon and attack. For instance, with the sword, you must swing the thumbstick on the outer edges as if you were swinging a sword in order to attack.

One game consists of three gamemodes. Each gamemode is ~5minutes. This makes each game take ~15minutes.

Yes! We believe in giving players freedom to view the game as they feel is best for them. You will be able to some extent decide how the camera is placed above you.

As of now, we’re planning for release on PS4 & Xbox One after the PC launch. However, we’ve had alot of input saying “GO FOR THE SWITCH!”, which definitely is an option we’re looking into.

Yes! This is definitely something we have in mind for the future. We want players to get customization options that reflect on their performance and gameplay dedication.

We also want some more in-depth progression systems, however nothing like that is defined & set in stone yet.

Also, we are planning on adding Powerups some time in the future. Read more below.

Powerups are something we’re planning on adding in the future. It is a temporary boost that can give you an advantage in the games, for instance, these are some ideas we have at the moment:

-Faster movement
-Mobile health packs
-Lifesteal buff
-Slippery bananas that enemies can trip on
-Invincibility for a few seconds

The core concept of our gamemodes is to try to resemble anything we ever played during P.E. class in highschool, with a twist! Below are some examples:

  • Protect objects in your base while trying to steal enemies objects to your base.
  • Transport belongings home
  • Protect the VIP in your team, kill the enemy VIP.
  • Different sports, like hockey etc.
  • 1v1 mini tournaments.
  • Chase & be chased, get points while not taken.

So, we started out with only the Flail. We then started developing the sword, followed by the hammer. Not too long ago we also added the archer as our first ranged class which has definitely done so much good for our game, creating a much more dynamic gameplay experience.

What will be next? We will decide based on community feedback and requests. This is your opportunity to be part of our game and turn your idea into reality! Let us know if you have any ideas you think would be perfect for Fightworld.


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