Frequently asked questions for Closed Alpha.

If you’re playing with a controller (Xbox , click this link for the full controller scheme: CLICK HERE

If you’re playing with mouse & keyboard, below are the buttons (but still click the link above to get an overview on the usage since this game is really ment for controller) :

Move – WASD
– Left Shift
Combo Dash – Left CTRL
Jump – Spacebar

Interact/Use – F

Attack – Hold Left Mouse Button and SWING THAT MOUSE DEPENDING ON WEAPON.
Special Abilities – Right Mouse Button or E.

Powerups – Pick up with F, Hold LMB and aim, press Right Click to use/shoot.

It starts on March 12th. Here’s a link to a cooldown timer: CLICK HERE

16:00 UTC / 5PM CET / 0800 PST

And servers will be up for 5 hours.

Yes, if you have gotten a key, please just send an email to info@rektgames.se and let us know how many more you want.

There is no fixed date for this, as it depends on what results we receive.

We’re always on our Discord channel when working, so hit us up at https://discord.gg/7ScSDj7

No, not in this first Closed Alpha, more than the key you get 🙂 However, in future Closed Alpha tests, we’ll give you something to show off that you’ve been a part of our game since the start <3

Hi content creators, please do! And shoot us a link or mention when you upload it and you might get a shoutout from us on socials 🙂